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These "task specific" modules can help your kitchen staff serve appetizing, fresh tasting and safe foods. Meets FDA model food protection code specifications.

"Time and Temperature Controls for Safer Food" (Program 101-1)
· Covers time and temperature management, as applied to food protection.
· Explains correct cooking and holding temperatures and what the "Danger Zone" is and why it is so important in food handling.
· Teaches the proper use and maintenance of thermometers, food storage techniques, workplace and personal cleanliness, hand washing, the use of gloves and how to avoid cross contamination.
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"Preparing and Serving High Protein Foods" (Program 101-2)
· Stresses the critical points in handling high protein foods.
· Follows a frozen turkey through receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, serving and how to handle the leftovers.
"Serving Safe Food" (Program 101-3)
· Shows the proper temperatures and monitoring techniques for steam tables and salad bars.
· Explains the correct use of utensils, tasting spoons and the correct way to cool foods.
· Teaches how to avoid cross contamination in these critical places.

Temporarily Out of Stock

Tape running time approximately 6-10 minutes per module.
Cost… $ 49.00 per Program

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