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Kitchen Safety Modular Programs

These "task specific" modules can help your kitchen staff reduce accidents and lost man-hours, increase worker safety awareness and maybe even reduce your insurance premiums.

"Safety at Your Workstation" (Program 104-1)
· Shows how to view each task performed from a safety point of view.
· How to keep work areas neat, clean and safe. Also, shows proper attire, using ladders, lifting and bending and correct storage techniques.

User Testamonials"Safe Handling of Knives, Blades and Power Equipment" (Program 104-2)
· Covers knife selection, use, sharpening, cleaning and storing.
· Shows the proper use and cleaning of can openers, slicers, choppers, cutters, mixers and garbage disposals.

"Safe Handling of Cooking Equipment" (Program104-3)
· Teaches how to avoid burns and scalds when cleaning, maintaining or cooking with steamers, fryers, ovens, grills, and stoves.
· Teaches the correct use of protective clothing, cooking gloves, potholders, etc.

Temporarily Out of Stock

Tape running time approximately 6-10 minutes per module.

Cost...$ 49.00 per Program

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