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Help increase kitchen safety and reduce the cost of equipment replacement and repairs by making employees active participants in a preventative maintenance program. This series educates workers on the proper care, cleaning, operation and maintenance of equipment. It is an essential part of any energy management program.

PART II- "Maintaining Your Preparation Equipment for a Safer Kitchen"
Covers refrigerated units along with smaller appliances in their daily and long term cleaning and maintenance procedures.

This program is divided into five modules:

Tools of the Trade Part 2 Box1. "Refrigerated Equipment, Freezers and Specialized Cooling Equipment"
Covers daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance for refrigerated equipment to preserve quality, prevent waste and safety. It shows how to monitor thermometers and thermostats, as well as cleaning, lubrication and service needs.

2. "Knives, Slicers, Mixers and Vertical Cutter Mixers"
Teaches the correct techniques for using knives and cutting boards. It also explains the proper way to clean and maintain slicers, mixers and VCM's.

3. "Dishwashers"
Illustrates the general daily, weekly, monthly and annual procedures for cleaning and maintaining these important appliances.

4. "Coffee Makers, Ice Makers and Coolers"
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Educates staff members in the correct procedures and materials to clean and maintain these appliances. Covers coffee urns and drip filter makers, ice makers and coolers for their correct daily and other periodic service.

5. "Good Safety Habits"
General kitchen safety tips.

This program was developed by industry professionals. Included are one instructor's manual and one student workbook. This program has been approved for in service training or CEU credit.

Total training time: 60-90 minutes. Tape running time approximately 35 minutes.

Original Price- $249.00

Now only $99.00

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