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A Three Part Series about the HACCP Food Safety System

Program 1-"UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS" Click here to preview Program One
The first of this in depth three part series is divided into 3 modules. It teaches the seven steps of the HACCP system and reviews the main causes of food borne illness: People, Product and Place.

Your workers will learn what they can do to anticipate and prevent hazards with a simple common sense approach that can help manage all the details of every tHACCP Program Box Graphicask, every minute, of every day.

Module One:
Covers how to: identify potentially hazardous foods, identify critical control points, establish control procedures, monitor procedures, establish corrective actions, establish record keeping procedures and verify that the system is working.

Module Two:
Teaches the causes of food borne illness and the 10 steps every employee can follow to lessen the hazards caused by people. They also learn to identify and control biological hazards.

Module Three:
The last section covers how to identify and control chemical and physical product hazards as well as general hazards found in the workplace.

Program 2-"GOING THROUGH THE STAGES" Click here to preview Program Two
This is the second in the series. Your workers are taken on a journey through Purchasing, Receiving, Storage, Preparation and Service and shown how the HACCP safety system lets them control food safety at every step. They will understand what an important role they play in making the system work.

Module One:
Covers purchasing and receiving. Employees are taught the steps they need to know in order to prevent foodUser Testamonials borne problems in these operations.

Module Two:
Shows the correct way to receive and store foods (including eggs, cheese, meat and factory prepared foods).

Module Three:
Teaches proper food preparation methods and prevention of cross contamination. How to clean and sanitize kitchen utensils and appliances.

Module Four:
Demonstrates the correct way to serve and hold hot and cold prepared foods. Shows how to cool and reheat hot foods. Teaches the why and how of hand washing and the use of gloves.

Program 3-"CHEESEBURGER THE HACCP WAY" Click here to preview Program Three
In this last program, your workers will see a "real world" application of what they learned in Programs One and Two by following a HACCP flow chart and recipe for cheeseburgers. At the same time, they'll be taken through a review of the seven HACCP steps. It's a concise and valuable review of the HACCP safety procedures

This program was developed by industry professionals. Included are one instructor's manual and one student workbook. This program has been approved for in service training or CEU credit.

Total training time: 2-3 hours. Tape running time approximately 55 minutes.

Original Price- $499.00

Now only $299.00

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