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Our goal at TV Journal is to create effective training programs for employees that result in better job performance, while assisting instructors in creating effective training sessions.

Each program consists of video segments for viewing and corresponding workbook exercises. The material is broken down into manageable learning segments so that employees can effectively absorb the material and retain what they have learned. This allows you to design your own sessions according to the time available for training. You may choose to hold several smaller sessions or a longer one, as time allows.

TV Journals' workbooks take a synergistic approach to training: the learning that occurs while viewing the videotapes is reinforced through the workbook exercises. To achieve maximum training results, it is highly recommended that you use the workbooks whenever possible. When your employees fully understand and grasp the material, it is easier for them to apply it and you will see the difference in their performance on the job.

Below are some sample questions and prices of our workbooks. (All programs come with an Instructor's Guide/Answer Key.) Quantity prices are available. Please inquire.

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HACCP Workbook GraphicThis workbook covers all 3 Programs. There are quizzes for each segment of each part. There are also some "Thought Starters" to help you get group discussions going.

Some sample questions and answers are:

HACCP is an evaluation system that identifies, monitors and controls contamination risks in food service establishments.
Answer-True- HACCP ensures that everything possible has been accounted for by anticipating what can go wrong and taking control of food safety.

The most common cause of food borne illness is the product.
False- The most common cause of food borne illness is people…human error.

In a HACCP operation, meat and poultry doesn't have to be inspected by anyone before it enters your facility.
False- Meat or game is inspected by the USDA or the State Department of Agriculture. All poultry carries the Federal or State inspection stamp.

Begin to prepare a food item by looking at its flowchart.
True- The flowchart will let you know what's been done and what you have to do and serves as a safety check for CCP's.

Since the hamburger meat in this recipe was frozen, there was no need to check it in receiving.
False- The worker in receiving must check against the CCP on the flowchart and take a reading to see that the meat was received at its proper temperature of -10F to 0F. He should also do a visual check to see that it was in good condition.

"Thought Starter" sample:
What new HACCP procedures are we implementing, if any…?
What is your role(go around the room) in a HACCP system?
What HACCP tasks do you need to perform daily?
Who is responsible for each task?
Is there unnecessary overlap?
Price $5.00 each


The workbook includes interactive follow along questions that are completed during the video presentation. A Kitchen Safety Workbook Graphictest follows each module. There is also a comprehensive review test to be taken after all three modules of the film have been viewed and tested individually.


Sample questions:


During food preparation, you can work more efficiently by:
a. Preparing two foods at the same time.
b. Keeping your work area clean as you go.
c. Using less workspace.
d. Saving all cleanup chores for last.

Answer- b.

Section 2:
The proper places to store knives include: a rack, a knife sheath and a drawer.

Section 3:
Beverly, the manager of a production kitchen has a strict rule about people in the kitchen during production times. She really gets upset when salespeople wander about in the kitchen on the way to her office. Why is Beverly concerned?
a. They could be injured.
b. They could cause employee injury by distracting people from their work.
c. They could slow down kitchen production.
d. All of the above

Price $3.00 each

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QUALITY: Behind the Scenes
Part 1- Receiving, Planning and Preparation
Part 2- Customer Service and Customer Relations
Both videos have their own workbook that includes interactive follow along Quality Workbook Graphicquestions that are completed during the video presentation. A test follows each module.

Sample questions:

The type and condition of the delivery truck is an important factor influencing quality.

Good records used for selecting products should include which of the following(circle all that apply)?
a. Product brand names.
b. Product specifications.
c. Yield information.
d. Your own observations and notes.

Answer-all are important.

As long as the food is prepared properly and tastes good the presentation and cafeteria environment are not important.
Answer- false.

What is the best way to greet your customers?
a. With a friendly smile.
b. With a cheery hello.
c. With a "keep 'em happy" attitude.
d. All of the above.
Answer- d.
Price $3.00 each



In Food Preparation and Service
The workbook includes interactive follow along charts and questions that are completed during the video Safe Food Handling Workbook Graphicpresentation. A test follows each module. There is also a comprehensive review test to be taken after all three modules of the film have been viewed and tested individually.

Sample questions:

The "danger zone" refers to very hot foods?
Answer- false.

Placing left over turkey into a deep pan will protect it from germs.
Answer- false.

The main reason for using individual utensils for serving different food on steam tables and salad bars is to speed up the line.
Answer- false
Price $3.00 each

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Part1- Maintaining Equipment for a Safer Kitchen
Part 2- Maintaining Preparation Equipment for a Safer Kitchen
Each video has its own workbook with a test to follow each module.

Tools of the Trade Workbook GraphicSample questions:

An equipment Maintenance Log, listing periodic maintenance for all the equipment in your kitchen, should be prepared and followed to help keep your equipment in optimal operating order.

For deep fat fryers, the thermostat should be calibrated three or four times per year for proper operation.

Steel Wool is the best cleaning tool for scouring baked on spills off stainless steel steam tables.
Answer- false

Filters for exhaust hoods should be cleaned in the dishwasher at least once a week.
Answer- true.

Freezer and refrigerator gauges should be checked at least once a month for accuracy by placing a portable thermometer inside the unit and comparing the temperature to the wall gauge.
Answer- true.

Sharp knives are much more dangerous than dull knives.
Answer- false.

If your dish machine has not had heavy use, it is O.K. to leave tanks full for the next day to save soap.
Answer- false.

Fresh coffee should be brewed directly into left overs from the last batch in order to freshen the old coffee and to prevent waste.
Answer- false.
Price $3.00 each

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